How to live like you’re in New York City, from anywhere

More often than not, New York apartments are smaller compared to most city apartments in the country. You would find yourself in one room that could overlap quickly to the next. One time you might be in the kitchen, then suddenly, you are in the living room, and you might not even recognize one from the other. Due to this spacing challenge, New Yorkers would resort to ingenious workarounds by installing area rugs to distinguish one room from another.

By installing a specific area rug for each room, you will be able to focus from the edges of the room, going into the middle, and bringing attention to the center of the rug. For other spaces like the kitchen, where more people frequent, you may want to try a bold color area rug to differentiate it from the space right next to it. This way, your kitchen perspective doesn’t get lost. It’ll also make the area feel cozier.

The New York Lifestyle Right in Your Own Living Room

You could book a taxi, but most people love walking the streets of New York City. And why not? There’s always something new to discover and a good chance for adventure. Go ahead and bring a touch of this famed city to your home, wherever you may be.

One way to bring it is to get yourself a New York City Map art print which is part of Point Two Design Group’s United States Map Art collection. It will surely make for an unforgettable staycation experience since an impressive graphic print of the Manhattan City streets will always be a nice addition to your wall decor. It’ll add pop color and modern design and remind you of the memories of the next adventure you will be making there.

The print will also be an enjoyable conversation piece with friends and family coming in to visit. You can act like a resident and point out places on the map where you found a great pizza place. Or, that place where you ate the best deli sandwich you’ve ever had. After which, you get to end the night with a nightcap in a quiet little bar on your way back to your Airbnb.

Bake a New York Classic

Do you think you can only find New York-style bagels in New York? Think again. You can make your own ” Big Apple” style bagels right in the comfort of your own home. And you might even be surprised how easy it is to make.

How about a delectable New York cheesecake.? Treat your guests to this decadent pleasure like you were there. It may seem a little bit over the top, but hey, New Yorkers are used to living the fast lane and living it out loud. Although if bagels and cheesecakes are not your thing, then you can always go on down to your local deli and buy corned beef. You can build yourself a mile-high corned beef sandwich.

Enjoy a New York Style Cocktail

If you are looking for the most popular cocktail in the world, it has to be Manhattan. They say it isn’t just the namesake of this most iconic city, but the Manhattan cocktail was actually concocted in the famous Manhattan Club, a prestigious high-end hotel in Manhattan City. This hotel being a popular manor for politicians and celebrities is located right in the city’s borough.

The famous Manhattan cocktail was added to its menu in the early 1900s. For an authentic New York experience, grab yourself a jar of maraschino cherries and use it as a garnish for this delicate sweet sipper.

Watch a Movie That Was Made in the Streets of New York

Transport yourself to New York’s busy streets without ever leaving your house. Just go ahead and pop in a movie from unlimited choices among classics like “The Apartment” (1960) or the “Rear Window” (1961). You may also like “Taxi Driver” (1979) for a quicker pace or the classic “West Side Story” (1961). Try “Birdman” (2014) or “The Devil Wears Prada” (2006) for a more modern cinematic experience.

Great movies that have that New York vibe will let you forget you are in your apartment, feeling it all the way to the end of the movie.

Treat Yourself with “Classic New York”

Now that you managed to save yourself some money for that plane ticket and have recreated a New York staycation in your own room, it’ll be easier to splurge and spoil yourself with New York treats. Order the best thin-crust pizza available in your city, and make sure to buy extra for the next day’s breakfast. On the other hand, a fancier way of enjoying your staycation is to get yourself those Tiffany champagne glasses that you’ve always wanted.

Finally, if you’d rather have a simple way of enjoying your staycation, you can start a subscription to the Sunday Times. Begin the habit of reading the Sunday paper while sipping your coffee and enjoying those delicious homemade New York-style bagels.

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