Group booking at Indigo – A complete guide (Updated 2021)

With the pandemic having kicked in with full force in 2020, group outings and trips had become a far-fetched dream. 2021 commenced with the anticipation to do away with this deadly virus and resume our lives at the original pace. The mandatory indoor stay has not just been claustrophobic on the exterior but also suffocating for the mind. After all, we humans are social beings. However, with more and more people getting vaccinated, group trips have become a common thing and this is fuelled by Indigo’s unique feature of Group Booking. 

The popular low-cost airline headquartered in Haryana has grown to become the largest airline company in the country. Indigo flight booking is available for as many as 83 destinations, with 60 being domestic ones and 23 international. New route operations to Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Phuket have been added. Travelling with friends and family has become an easy task now with Indigo’s Group Booking. This feature allows you to book more than a row of seats for as many as 10-150 group members, subject to availability of seats, screening and locations for arrival and departure. So, if you want to go on a trip with your group, then the Group Booking feature of Indigo will be useful for your journey. And in case you still have questions, don’t worry,  we have a complete guide that will meet all your queries regarding the booking.  

Number of Passengers required

Group Booking may be utilized if a passenger is travelling with a group of 7 or more people. This ensures attractive fares and offers to avail, thanks to the large booking. Passenger names can be added, edited and deducted flexibly till 10 days before departure. Indigo priority check-in applies for Group Bookings. However, please note that the service is not applicable for groups with less than 7 members.

Web Check-In is not available for Group Booking. Online check-in can only be availed for general passengers travelling with individual tickets. Passengers with Group Booking tickets, special assistance requirements and unaccompanied minors have to undergo an offline screening session at the airport itself. 

Unaccompanied minors with an Indigo flight booking, are requested to carry a duly filled copy of the consent form available on Indigo’s website to avoid hindrance during check-in. Please note that this is a mandatory requirement. 

Fares may differ

Oftentimes while booking, you will find that the fares are slightly higher for Group Booking than individual booking. This is because the fares allotted for each member of the group might not be similar. Allotting of fares depends on factors like the city of departure, season, special assistance and additional services. Group Booking is also available for a single passenger willing to book an entire Economy row of three seats. Please note that you can also select from a range of 6E Add-Ons to make the journey for your group a comfortable one. If you are booking with Intermiles, you will be briefed about the additional services and benefits which can be availed from Indigo’s Group Booking. 

The passengers travelling in a Group Booking may be subjected to increased or altered taxes, fees and surcharges. They are to pay the required amount, if not stated otherwise. 

Member slots for Group Booking

There are namely four slots for Group Booking available for domestic flights and only one for International-bound flights. The group slots available for domestic flights include the one for 7-30 members, 31-70 passengers and for 71-150 passengers. For 71-150 passengers, passengers get the choice to select half of an airbus or book the entire flight. These numbers can be changed anytime and that right is reserved by the airline authorities. However, these are the general group capacities only with which your group will be eligible for the Group Booking feature. 

Please remember that passengers will be required to pay an initial amount of 25% of the entire sum towards each member travelling in the group. 


The number and names of members in the group can be added and edited until 10 days of the scheduled departure. However, if you wish to cancel the entire booking for some unforeseen reason, please note that you will be liable for the payment of additional cancellation charges for each member. Indigo reserves the right to cancel flights from its end; in such a case, you can request a refund or shift your group booking to another Indigo flight headed to the same destination. The latter requires zero extra costs since the part of cancellation has been initiated by the airlines themselves. 

If the request for a refund is approved, expect the entire amount to reflect in your mode of payment within 7 business days. Consider contacting Indigo Customer Support if the amount does not show up 10 days after you have been notified about the processing of the refund. 

This is pretty much everything that passengers need to be aware of before heading for a group booking. Booking with Intermiles can be a good option since the website provides direct links to Indigo’s Group Booking portal and also, vital information and conditions regarding the same. 

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