The Most Beautiful Star Gazing Experience Here In Mount Teide

Tenerife is very much popular for its stargazing experience and this dream can be true at Mount Teide. This is one memorable way to get stars in your eyes and this is something that you can find in Teide National Park. Here you got those certified astronomical guides who can guide you to watch those mysteries of the Universe with a help of a professional telescope. Through this, you can see up close and with your own eyes, you can watch those celestial objects which you have longed for years. 

Under the pure and clear sky of this National Park, you can see around 83 out of 88 officially recognised constellations. And during the summertime, you will lucky enough to see the perfect Milky Way.

Teide National Park is a place where after the sunset, the temperature begins to chill. But you got to try this 8-minute cable car which is anytime a hoot and plus the views are something you can’t ignore. To make things interesting and warmer for you, you can enjoy a glass of cava and a cup of hot chocolate there which is worth it along with this beautiful sunset. 

It is just going to be some race against time to get to the viewpoint i.e. Pico Viejo from the cable car park. But this is just one part of the performance. The second part happens at the car park which is beside the lower cable car station. Here you will find all the telescopes set up. This is the place where you can get to peer deep into the night sky. This is where stargazing can be experienced. 

Mount Teide stargazing experience is everything that we all can ask for once in our life. Here you can also enjoy understanding the different elements of Hellenic mythology which is the reason behind these different constellations and also how they all related.

Get closer to your stars

Here at the stargazing experience on Teide, you can observe those starry clear skies using a professional telescope from the car park of the cable car base station. This is at an altitude of 2536 m. the astronomical instrument that we use for this stargazing will make your experience worth it, especially with that quality and transparency in the sky. 

Stargazing experience on full moon night

As we know the moon passes through different phases in the entire 29 days cycle. So, every month on the full moon day, you will have this natural satellite looking much brighter than the other celestial bodies. So here through the astronomical experience, you can enjoy the radiant appearance of this full moon which is worth watching with these mountain ranges, craters and other lunar beauties.

If you go for the package, here you will also get a good tapas dinner which is at the lower cable car station. The food is placed on the table back in a room with a good selection of eateries. You can book a suitable Club Canary excursion. They will help you experience this beautiful view. They can share with you a good package including pick up and drop and even dining. This company is very much known for its 5-star service and is mainly focussed on providing activities for its tourists.

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