You can complete the Grand Circle Drive in the best way possible!

We are thrilled to share our honest recommendations for places we have personally experienced. By clicking on our link and making a reservation or completing a purchase, we have the opportunity to receive money. Great to hear that you’re feeling grateful! Travellers to the southwest United States are in for a treat as they get to witness some of the most renowned national parks in the country along this famous route.

We have put in the effort to offer you a plethora of recommended routes for your Utah Grand Circle road trip, ensuring that you’ll be able to experience and accomplish a lot during your time in Utah. Our one- and two-week Grand Circle national parks road tours are already fantastic ways to see a lot of parks in a short amount of time, and we are excited to share with you a few more side trips that will make your experience even better!

The nation’s top national monuments, parks, and reserves are a true treasure and offer incredible opportunities for exploration and adventure.

The Utah Grand Circle road trips offer a great opportunity to explore charming metropolitan hubs while still allowing for a day or two of relaxation along the route. Las Vegas, Salt Lake City, Phoenix, and Denver offer a plethora of entertainment options and luxurious accommodations for you to unwind and enjoy. Once you’ve chosen the perfect RV or van for your needs, it’s time to start putting together some exciting Grand Circle maps! Great! Let’s explore all the exciting possibilities ahead of us. THe the grand circle road trip is the best one here.

Exciting! Here’s the trip schedule for seven days of Grand Circle exploration.

We’re going to have an amazing time exploring Utah on our Grand Circle road trip, with a quick diversion to Arizona. Las Vegas is an amazing destination that deserves a few days of your trip! We have the opportunity to learn more about Denver’s history in the future. Zion National Park in Northeastern Utah can be reached by car in just three hours! This location offers one of the best hiking experiences in the world!

A visit to Zion National Park sounds like an exciting adventure!

Zion National Park offers a wide range of hiking options, from leisurely strolls to thrilling backcountry adventures. But either direction you travel, the scenery will be breathtaking. Staying for at least two days will give you plenty of time to enjoy the trails and take in all the breathtaking sights! You have two great options for accommodations: you can either enjoy the great outdoors by setting up a tent on the park’s limits, or you can stay at a comfortable motel in the nearby town of Springdale.


St. George is just an hour away by automobile and offers a much bigger city experience with plenty of housing and entertainment options. The free shuttle service is a convenient and hassle-free way to explore the beauty of Zion National Park. Great news! You have the convenience of boarding a shuttle from anywhere in Springdale that will take you directly to the entrance. Once you arrive, you can easily pay for admission and start enjoying your visit.


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