The Fastest Route to Becoming a Travel Photographer

The life of a travel photographer is filled with adventure, and one of most satisfying profession for your perpetual wander-lust. It seems like it is one of the easiest skills to master, because all you need is a camera and a plane-ticket right? Well, it is not easy as it looks because this domain is swarmed by a millions of creative soul, and the competition is stiff.

This little guide contains the secret-sauce to become a top-notch travel photographer in no time. As you read through every word till the end, you’ll learn what it takes to become a rock star travel photographer.

1) Learn photography – Buy a camera and understand the nuts and bolts of how it works. Formal education is not necessary, when it comes to creative skills, talent is latent and with a little practice it shapes to fruition.

2) Travel and tourism courses – Although not a mandate, a diploma course in travel and tourism will act as a leg to stand on to prove your passion for the industry. When you know the ABC’s of travel and tourism, it shows your ability to fit in right away. It makes you stand out in a crowd, and more like a blue chip investment for the employer.

3) Pick a niche – What this means is, you need to stand out from the swell of creative-heads. Your unique perspective around the world should show through your portfolio. The idea is to create an insignia style where viewers look at your photos and say “Woah! I know who clicked that!” Niche photography comes in the form wild-life, people/culture or landscapes.

4) Don’t try to hit two birds with one stone – The path to becoming a successful travel photographer is rife with challenges. To say the least, it will test your mettle. You have two roads to be taken; you can either go for a distinct job that allows you to travel frequently or get into travel photography from the get-go. In my journey, I started out with the former choice, where I was sent off-site for my projects. You have to briefly assess what’s your position and take a call on how you’d like to start.

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