How Much Does A Flight Attendant Earn?

The salary of a flight attendant can vary widely after passing through the flight attendant training (เรียนแอร์โฮสเตส which is the term in Thai). The remuneration comprises several factors such as the airline, company time, number of hours flown during the month, nightly surcharge, and the function exercised (auxiliary or cabin chief steward).

The Market For Flight Attendants

The growth in the number of schools has increased the number of professionals available in the market in search of a vacancy in the profession. Unfortunately, the demand for commissioners has not grown at the same pace, making selection processes more rigorous, competitive, and with more stages. This does not make the dream of being a commissioner something impossible to be achieved but more challenging, requiring more effort and preparation. There will always be vacancies for candidates who stand out from the rest.

The International Market For Flight Attendants

For those who wish to practice their profession abroad, Emirates, Etihad, and Qatar Airways frequently make selections. The events, called “open day “, take place once or twice a year and attract hundreds of people from all over the country. The selection is usually much more rigorous, and fluency in another language is more than mandatory for those that have passed through the flight attendance training school (โรงเรียนสอนแอร์โฮสเตส which is the term in Thai).

Positive And Negative Points Of The Profession

The profession of commissioner offers many benefits. Some of them are the fulfillment of the professional’s dream of practicing the profession, the opportunity to meet different places and people in a short time, and the travel benefit that allows the employee, first degree relatives, and, in some cases, friends can travel by paying super attractive fares or just boarding fees. In addition, companies’ contract under the CLT with all labor rights offered in other professions such as INSS and FGTS.

On the other hand, the profession also poses some challenges. It is pretty standard for the crew member to stay up to a week away from home, making it more difficult to always be with the family, especially during holidays such as birthdays, holidays, and the end of the year. Another point of attention is the work schedules that include flights and demand an easy adaptation to change the day for the night, if necessary.


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