Fishing techniques used for catching the fish

Fishing is a leisure activity and people are really excited to go on a fishing vacation to catch their dream fish. If you are willing to catch a carp or an alligator gar, you can consider fishing in Thailand. Thailand has some of the best hotspots for fishing. There are fishing tours also provided by many companies that will provide an expert guide who will teach you the techniques to catch huge fishes. All you need to do is to look for the places where you can find the fish you want to catch.

Also, for beginners, it is better to carry out the activity from a boat. It is not only fun but also very comfortable. It also decreases the chances of a bite.

Different styles of fishing

Fly fishing – In this type of fishing, artificial flies are used to attract the fish. It is referred to as the older technique of angling. It is effective for carp, trout, bass, salmon, etc. This technique is most effective when fishing on the coastline or river banks.

Longlining – The heavy and long fishing line is used in this technique. There are lots of baited hooks that are hanging from it like branches. Longlining is mainly used on boats, which are called longliners and it uses a special type of winch in order to drag into the line and work in deeper water. This method is commonly used for catching halibut, swordfish, sablefish, and tuna.

Spearfishing – This fishing form requires staking the fish and using a spear attached to a long pole to catch it. This method is mostly preferred in the shallow water in which the fishes are visible perfectly. Spears used can be complex or simple and range from harpoons, trident-types spears, Hawaiian slings, modern spearguns to arrow and bow style.


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