Finding the perfect hotel for your family holiday

When planning your family holiday, you want to make sure that every member of the family has something to enjoy on the trip. When choosing a Llandudno hotel, there are several important factors to consider in order to make sure that everyone in your family has an enjoyable time during your vacation. Here are some guidelines to help you find the perfect hotel for your family holiday and ensure that everyone has something fun to do while you’re away from home.

Location, location, location

When choosing a location for your family summer holiday, consider what will make it easier on everyone. Getting to and from attractions can be time-consuming if you’re staying far away, so opt for somewhere with good public transportation links or that’s centrally located so driving won’t be required. Also look at food options – going out to eat every night isn’t a cheap option, so choose somewhere with plenty of restaurants nearby. And if you have kids who like to burn off steam before bedtime, choose a place with nearby shopping malls or parks.

How many people are going?

The first thing you need to figure out is how many people are going with you. If it’s just a romantic weekend, chances are you won’t be taking along any kids or pets, which will make things easier. Families with young children and/or pets need more services, such as pools and restaurants with food that meets dietary restrictions.

The extra mile

It’s one thing to provide everything on a guest’s wish list—it’s another to go above and beyond. Find out what special touches make hotels feel like home, and how you can turn a good property into an exceptional one. Keep in mind that personalisation is key: Even small details such as using a guest’s name during check-in or placing familiar toiletries in their room will leave them feeling valued.

Are you traveling with kids?

Many hotels are geared toward adults, with child-free lobbies and pools. If you’re traveling with children, however, you need to find a more kid-friendly property. When choosing a hotel, it’s important to find one that offers amenities and activities that will appeal to your kids’ interests. This can help make everyone’s trip more enjoyable and affordable as you’ll likely spend less on tickets to go sightseeing outside of your hotel. To ensure fun without too much expense, choose a hotel or beachside property which has plenty of entertainment for kids already on-site like arcades or movie theaters.

Amenities & extras

When you’re paying for a fancy room, there are lots of extras and amenities to consider. First and foremost, ask about WiFi—can you connect to a strong signal across all common areas and in every bedroom? If not, how much will it cost extra? What about parking? Is that extra too? How many kids stay free—and what age do they have to be? All of these things can help add up quickly; don’t assume they won’t apply to you. Many budget hotels offer kids stay free deals if you register with a credit card.

Food & drink

Before you book that summer getaway, make sure to read up on any destination’s local cuisine. It’s one thing to find yourself at a nice restaurant on vacation; it’s another to think that you can recreate the experience in your own kitchen. Get an idea of what ingredients you might need, how much preparation time is required and if there are any specific cooking techniques needed. That way when you get home, you can have as close an approximation of what your kids experienced as possible—maybe even better! This doesn’t just apply to food; doing some research on typical drink recipes or popular liquor brands will help ensure that when it comes time to hit happy hour with friends back home, you don’t end up blowing your budget.


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