Enjoying The Balinese Culture While Staying In Bali

If you want to enjoy authentic culture in Bali, then you should stay at a selected few places. But traffic south of Ubud can be bad, and most roads north of Ubud are mountainous. So, to avoid too much travel, choose your base carefully. The public transport at most tourist places is crowded most of the time. You can stay near nay of the cheap hotels in Bali. Ubud is one of the most prominent places on the cultural map of Bali.

Places to visit in Ubud

  • You can watch the Ramayana in Ubud Palace. The ballet is inspired by stories of the Balinese Hindus.
  • Moreover, you can also visit a healer or a shaman at Ubud. The traditional healing sciences have since survived in Bali.
  • You must enjoy the sights and sounds of the Saraswati Palace. The temple was built in honor of goddess Saraswati.
  • You can also visit the Tirta Empul Temple, for a cleanse. The place is as admirable for its architecture and beauty. It also houses a beautiful Pool to summer waves elite pool.
  • If you are interested in the history and cultural lineage, visit the museums.
  • Tegalalang Village is another place worth exploring. It is a beautiful village with rice terrace fields.
  • You can also learn about the traditional handicrafts. There are many things to learn and that includes batik, wood-carving and silver jewelry making.
  • If you want to get deeper into the spiritual groove, practice yoga.

Prominent Hotels In Bali – Ubud

There are all kinds of hotels, backpackers den and homestays in Ubud, the cultural capital. Some of the luxurious hotels worth mention are Four Seasons, that has the best comforts for you. It was named the No. 1 hotel in 2018. It is set amidst a green jungle. The property is situated between two rivers. There are plunge pools and villas and plenty of rooms in the property. Alila Ubud is just great for jungle adventurers. You can spend your days amongst mystical temples and treasure. Most of the good ones are located to the north.

Some of the best places are Raya Bunutan, Tirta Tawar, Tegallalang and Mas. All these are 15-20 minutes driving distance from Ubud. There are plenty of places to stay and enjoy your vacation in Ubud. With so many of them on offer, you will be spoilt for choice. There is ample luxury for everyone in Bali. Luxury has a different connotation for different people.


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