Which Agency Should You Choose To Rent Your Tuk Tuk In Negombo

For our part, it is in Negombo that we rented our tuk-tuk for 25 days. In Negombo, a fishing village 30 km north of Colombo and 7 km from the international airport, there are a dozen agencies renting tuk-tuks. They are located on Lewis Pl, the main road along the sea. They are impossible to miss with their large signs.

Tuk tuk food tour  is one of the oldest and most important agencies in Negombo (even if their office does not reflect it). They have many tuk-tuks and are used to renting them for several weeks. They also have a good reputation, and they were recommended to us by other travelers. The significant advantage they have over other agencies, they have a Facebook page, they are therefore reachable before arriving in Sri Lanka.

Zoom On Tuk Tuk Insurance

The compulsory insurance allows in case of small mechanical problems (and you will have some) to advance the repair costs and to be reimbursed in full at the end of your stay. It also allows in case of major mechanical problems to change the tuk-tuk in less than 8 hours.

During our month-long trip in Sri Lanka by tuk-tuk, we went to the garage 4 times to:

  • wheel change,
  • engine repair,
  • changes of room to area.

We also changed tuk-tuk once due to an engine problem. These mechanical problems cost us all RS 4750.

To get reimbursed, it’s very simple. Just contact your rental company before starting repairs to prevent it and for them to negotiate the price directly (to avoid paying the tourist rate). And ask for an invoice. When you return your tuk-tuk, you present your various invoices, and they reimburse you.


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