Tours in Egypt

As one of the greatest wonders and symbols in the world and a destination for “essential” travel, Egypt is a place that should be on every adventurer’s list. A holiday in Egypt can help you mark your Nile cruise. Throughout history, It attracted his cultural wonders travelers, archaeologists and treasure hunters of the well-known places of ancient Thebes and Aswan to the powerful architectural achievements of Cairo.

The beautiful country of this country shapes our travels in Egypt. You will learn all about the pharaohs and admire the pyramids. Still, with Exodus, you can sail through the Nile in a spectacular five-star boat, exploring the least visited temples from the top of Egypt or sailing in a traditional Felucca. When it speaks one of our beautiful cruises on your journey to Egypt, you will experience a variety of opinions like no other. While climbing the river, you can see the locals with their normal life and the Edfu temple. With lush green and impressive sunset benches across the Nile, this adventuring party in Egypt is an unforgettable experience.

In Focus: The Nile Feluccas are wooden boats of a single putty that sailed from antiquity to the Nile. Cleopatra and Julio Cesar published nine months to explore Egypt in this way, accompanied by a 400 flotilla. A journey from Felucca between Aswan and Luxor allows him to see the landscape of the Nile Valley and the luxury graves of the Valley of Los Reyes Egypt tour packages. At night you will sleep on the deck, which is full of colorful carpets. From here, look loose to the golden sun in the afternoon in a spectacular sunset.

Are flights included on your trips to Egypt?

Yes, they are. Most of our holidays in Egypt include flights, but if you want to make your way, we offer “single ground” reservations. Please, talk to a member of our team about this option. Your flights have a price of London and include all transport from the airport as soon as it arrives in Egypt. Make sure you have to keep travel insurance before you start your journey and verify that you have all the vaccines and relevant visas when needed.

How long is your adventure holiday in Egypt?

Our Egypt excursions start at nine days, but longer trips are for those who want to explore more time!

Do you want to customize your package for a special occasion?

Or maybe there are certain points and attractions you don’t want to miss? Learn more about our campaign vacation in Egypt today.

Are your tours of Egypt conducted?

You don’t have to worry about missing or not finding all hidden jewels while traveling with the Nile Cruisers on your vacation in Egypt. Our Egyptian tour packages are led or guided by an experienced Egyptian expert. With these tour experts, you can enjoy every travel destination at its best take the ancient world again. Discuss your incredible journey to Egypt today! Whether

you are trying to discover the wonders of ancient temples and graves or generate in culture and local sites, the holiday packages in Egypt are unmatched and will give you the adventure to remember.


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