Top 4 Different Cultures around the World

Globalization opened up the world and let folks from different parts of the world enjoy what other cultures had to offer. Folks can learn multiple languages and assimilate different cultures into their daily lives, thus creating a new way of doing things.

Different cultures worldwide have specific ways of doing things that may seem strange to others. From a global point of view, traditional cultures stand out as they have roots in ancient civilizations.

So, what are cultural practices? Cultural practices are routine behaviours and values shared in a specific community. Examples of culture around the globe that have captivated many include:

1. The Italian Culture

Italy, the land of pizza and Gelato, held the interest of many in captivity for centuries. Known all over the globe for renaissance art, the country receives an estimated 40 million tourists per year. Tourism numbers plummeted in 2020 due to the pandemic, but there are plans to boost the industry as more masses get shots against the virus.

The Italian people possess a rich art, architecture, and cuisine culture. Music and dance are often included into Italian activities, whether they are family festivities, semi-formal occasions, or neighbourhood festivals.

2. The French

The French have been around for millennia, and their influence is significant in history. The French, who come in at number two among the most influential civilizations, are renowned for their love of romance. To the world, French culture has good food, great art, and beautiful locations.

On top of that, the French established themselves as a fashion capital with various brand names like Herm├Ęs, Louis Vuitton, Mugler, Chanel, etc. In a year, France receives as many as 90 million tourists as per information from the year 2019, thus indicating folks’ strong interest in the French way of life.

3. The Spaniards

Spain, consisting of many independent nations, is ranked third on the list of different cultures. It is the fourth most visited country in the entire world and boasts an artistic heritage. Examples of cultural practices in the country include the love of religious festivals and other cultural festivities.

The Spaniards enjoy an excellent party zealously because the whole community gets together. La Tomatina is a festival known all around where people throw tomatoes at each other for fun. Tourists love Spain, which is clear from the over 80 million people who visited the county in 2019.

4. The Chinese

The Chinese culture is among the oldest cultures all around the globe, hence its rich history and traditions. This fascinating culture dating back thousands of years dramatically influences philosophy, etiquette, art, and moral values. Chinese culture is distinct from other civilizations in that it has its own architectural, political, and religious systems.

Extraordinary qualities in Chinese cultural tradition examples include an emphasis on good family bonds and observing the hierarchy. Children are expected to be devoted to their parents even in old age, ensuring they get everything they need. In Chinese culture, the masses hold the elderly in high regard. Therefore, there is no place for disrespect.


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