Things You Should Know About the Everest Base Camp

Introduction – 

One of the amazing things that you will know about the Everest Base Camp Trek is that it is meant for nature lovers. Also, it is good for those who want to attain a certain level of spirituality. The Everest base camp trek does teach the people on how to stay determined and have patience. It is like a once in a lifetime adventure and the Everest Base camp trek comprises of all the aspects, that makes the travellers remember, the sui generis sherpa culture, the spell bound landscapes, the amazing wildlife and the serenity and peacefulness of the monasteries. When you take the journey up Everest, you will go through the snow-peaked mountain, then there will be hanging bridges, dense forests, raging rivers, and beautiful waterfalls. Along with that, there will be a lot of descents and ascents on the rugged and steep trail, which will make the trail tedious.

Temperature and Climate

Let’s look at the climate of the Everest region. It is very important to know about the climate of the Everest region so that you can know whether it suits you or not. The spring season i.e., March to June, the weather there is very much favourable for trekking. This is one such season that will appeal to a plethora of tourists, and the temperature will reach up to 25 degrees during the summer days and drop down to 20 degrees during the night. The monsoon season begins in July and lasts until mid-September. So, this is one such time that is not suggested for trekking, as during the monsoon season, due to higher rainfall, the roads become risky and slippery. Next is the autumn season, i.e., September to November, which is also a good time for trekking in the Everest region. One of the amazing sights that you can see during this season is that the entire region is decorated with wild flowers. Then comes the winter season, from November until February. So, during this season, there is extreme cold. January is the coldest month of the year, and during this time, the temperature will fall and reach up to -36 degrees and can go below -60 degrees.

*Note: Regardless of the low temperatures, the main problem faced by the mountaineers is the hurricane, wind chill, and force wind, in which the force of the wind reaches more than 285 km/hr.

Reaching the Everest Base Camp Trek

It is the dream of every trekker to reach Everest base camp. There will be 2 base camps: one is the northern base camp, which is in Tibet, and the other is the southern base camp, which is in Nepal. You can use both the base camps and ascend and descend, where you will find that goods are carried by sherpas, porters, and yaks. It is one of the means of transportation in the base camp. The southern base camp trails are very rough, steep, and rocky, which will make them challenging for the trekkers. Besides that, the route for the southern base camp will begin from Tenzing Hillary Airport at Lukla, the second-most dangerous airport and one of the finest air routes in the world. From your flight, you will be able to see the glorious snow-capped Himalayan mountains.


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