The most popular changes people like to make to the exterior


Every homeowner desire to have a home that looks perfect both on the inside and outside. This is why it is not only necessary to carry out a revamp on the interior and leave the exterior. Revamping the exterior should not cost you a lot but at the end of the day you should make your home feel new and stylish. There are some major aspects that you might want to check on as you carry out the revamp.

The Most Common Ways of Exterior Revamping

There are so many ways you can change how your home looks like starting from repainting to house extensions and this article will focus on the most common things you should be focusing on.
• Changing your Exterior Proportions

This is one of the main things that contribute to making your home look new. All you have to do is change the overall proportions of your building and this can be done by either adding an extension upwards or outwards. You can even decide to replace a flat roof and get a whole new version of your house.

• Painting, cladding or Rendering-this is all about replacing how your current exterior looks like. You can have some stone cladding done, pebbledash, or other external materials. Another option is painting the entire exterior of your home and giving it a new look and colour. Rendering and repainting have always been the best solutions when it comes to revamping your home.
Types of Cladding
1. PVCu cladding
2. Laminate cladding
3. Composite cladding
4. Timber boarding

• Roof replacing-since the roof is a very essential part of a house you can replace the old one with a new roof that will give your exterior covering another look. You can decide to bring in a new roof with a different shape, made of a different material or another colour.
• Windows replacement-since windows are known as the eye of the house you can try changing them and they will completely alter the personality of your home. You can choose to change the size and shape of the windows or you can just redo the material of the current windows.
• Update your front door-the first thing that everyone notices as they come to your house is the front door, so it will go a long way if you change the appearance of your door. You can choose an entirely new front door or you can decide to paint it.
• Add a porch-adding a porch to the front of your home gives it an extra, practical storage space and a character-filled frontage. You should pick a design that will suit the original architecture of your home so that it appears proportional.
• Landscaping the garden-last but not least is landscaping your garden. You should not choose a planting scheme that suits your home and garden in general. You can also decide to do a highlight to the front door by planting to make the house look better. before you do this you should get someone who is good at arboriculture so that the end product is perfect for your home

These are just some of the most common plans people have been doing when it comes to exterior revamping but there are many more options that you can still explore.

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