Places to visit in Delhi Cantonment

Delhi, the capital city of India is located in the northern part of the territory. Posing as one of the biggest metropolises of India, Delhi serves as the political centre. Sitting on the banks of the river Yamuna, this city has a rich history of many conquests. Formerly the home of many dynasties, Delhi features a huge number of archaeological sites that are visited by tourists from all around the globe. Further, this metropolitan city exhibits a confluence of tradition and modernity. The narrow alleys, historical monuments, modern-style houses, expansive food culture and the people play a pivotal role in shaping the strong character of Delhi. Of the many places, the Delhi Cantonment region adds an important value to this city.

Established in 1914, Delhi Cantonment spreads over an area of 10,521 acres. The region maintained by the Cantonment Board Delhi has a rich historical significance. Popularly referred to as Delhi Cantt, the area has some hidden tourist attractions that you must visit while you are touring this enchanting city. Here is a list of some of the places surrounding the Delhi Cantonment area.

Delhi War Cemetery

Featuring the history of British India, Delhi War Cemetery was established in 1951. It is a site of the graves of 1,154 service personnel who served the British Empire during the First and Second World Wars. The cemetery ensured the permanent preservation of the brave soldiers. Featuring hundreds of tombstones, this place also features a huge sprawling garden that adds natural beauty to this place. At the entrance of the cemetery, the Delhi 1939-45 War Memorial records the names of the gallant heroes who sacrificed their lives in the war. Further, the cemetery houses a tombstone of a woman soldier, Maureen, who is from Women Auxiliary Services. If you plan a trip to Delhi, visiting the Delhi War Cemetery is a must-thing to do.

Srinagesh Garden

Delhi, featuring chaotic lanes and bustling crowds, also houses many recreational gardens where you can sit at peace. Among those, Srinagesh Garden at Delhi Cantonment serves the purpose most effectively. Situated in Gopinath Bazar, Sriganesh Garden spreads over a huge area of land. Touted with tall trees and verdant grasslands, this garden serves as a treat to nature lovers. Featuring different rides, the garden is one of the favourite spots for kids. Further, the garden has a beautiful fountain and a wide variety of flowers that make this place more exquisite. While exploring the Delhi Cantonment, you can take your family and kids to Sriganesh Ganesh to spend some quality time together.

Buddha Park

Located in the Delhi Cantonment, The Buddha Jayanti Park has gained the reputation of a well-maintained park since its inception. Featuring sprawling lush gardens, a park is an ideal place for seekers of peace in the chaotic city of Delhi. This beautiful park houses multiple paved walkways dotted with picturesque landscapes and blooming flowers. The tall trees and clear stream compliment the sheer elegance of Buddha Jayanti Park. Also known as Buddha Jayanti Smarak Park, this place houses an 8-feet copper statue of Lord Buddha. Dedicated to the 14th Dalai Lama, Buddha Park was constructed as a token to mark the celebration of Lord Buddha’s birth anniversary. If you are looking for a place in Delhi where you want to spend some time peacefully, head to Buddha Park as it exudes tranquil vibes. You can also book accommodations like The Umrao and The Lodhi that are the closest hotels in Delhi to Buddha Jayanti Park.

Red Fort

The UNESCO declared World Heritage Site, Red Fort is one of the iconic sightseeing places in Delhi. Introducing the finest example of Mughal architecture, the Red Fort was the main residence of the Mughal dynasty. Featuring floral designs, exquisite carvings on the pillar and twin domes on the inside, the fort sits on a lush green lawn that gives a beautiful look to the place. Built with red sandstone, the impressive structure was established in 1618. The massive fort has three gates- Khizrabad, Lahore and Delhi Gates. Although the Delhi and Lahore gates are open to the locals and tourists, the Khizrabad gate does not allow tourists. Whenever you visit Delhi, don’t return without exploring the premises of the historical location, Red Fort.

Swaminarayan Akshardham Temple

Apart from visiting the notable sightseeing places and sitting in the parks, you can also visit the holy temples in Delhi to offer your prayer to the Almighty. Swaminarayan Akshardham Temple is nestled in the Delhi Cantonment. Dedicated to Swaminarayan, this temple is acclaimed as one of the largest Hindu temples in the world. Decorated with stone elephants and statues of important deities, the temple features intricately carved pillars and domes. Offering knowledge about Hindu heritage and spirituality, Swaminarayan Akshardham Temple is one of the coveted places to visit in the Delhi Cantonment. Thus, whenever you come to the capital city, do not forget to book a room at the best hotels in Delhi and visit the famous landmarks. Als


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