How to keep your Dufour yacht in pristine condition

One of the hardest parts about owning Dufour Yachts is maintaining their pristine condition. Fortunately, there are several simple steps you can take to keep your Dufour yacht looking new and feeling like new every time you hop on board! Here are the top five ways to keep your Dufour yacht in immaculate condition

Protect from nature’s elements

While a good deal of maintenance is done by professionals, you can help out by keeping an eye on your boat. Salt water is hard on all kinds of surfaces, so be sure to rinse off as soon as possible after being out in choppy waters. Otherwise, it will sit and etch into paint and gelcoat. If you take care of these surfaces at home and clean them periodically, they’ll last longer and look better throughout their life cycle.

Keep up with regular maintenance

It’s always tempting to postpone maintenance. After all, life is busy and it takes time, not to mention money, to get a Dufour yacht serviced. But do you really want a second-hand Dufour yacht that’s been neglected? No. Stick with scheduled maintenance and you can easily spend years on end cruising down calm waters without incident.

Protect from harmful chemicals

Almost all yachts have some sort of gelcoat surface on their exterior. This coating can be damaged by numerous chemicals and cleaners, particularly those containing acids (like vinegar and bleach) or abrasives. If you’re trying to maintain a Dufour yacht, avoid cleaning it with anything other than mild soap, warm water, and microfiber cloths that won’t cause any damage.

Use protective gear

If you’re looking to maintain an immaculate, prised possession, one of these purchases will help: a cover (also known as a tarp or cloth) that covers your yacht when it’s not being used; or a shrink-wrap that encloses it completely. When purchasing second-hand items such as these, look for damaged or missing components and pieces. If there is anything wrong with it – even if it seems like no big deal at first – fix it before you use.

Hire an expert if you need help

The reputation of a boat brand like Dufour is of utmost importance. Making sure you have an expert or professionals on hand who know how to maintain and clean a boat of such high quality is just as important. To truly maintain it, though, you should consult an expert as well for maintenance tips and advice so that you don’t damage anything unintentionally. All Dufour yachts for sale are built with high-quality materials, but that doesn’t mean they can take abuse without any consequences.

Do everything possible to protect its resale value

Keep your boat in pristine condition. If you are planning on keeping your boat for long-term enjoyment, then protecting its resale value should be one of your top priorities. The way you treat it and how well you maintain it is all part of maintaining its reputation.

Know where to find professional help

Although not all Dufour yachts are built equally, one thing they do have in common is that they need to be maintained properly. The most important part of maintaining a boat is proper boat storage, but it also means keeping on top of regular boat maintenance. If you’re just learning how to take care of your boat, start by finding someone reliable who can help you out with those tasks that would otherwise consume too much time if you were doing them alone.


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