Here are the questions which are asked on the application of EVUS visa

Electronic visa update system is a complete web-based, and electric service for the people of China, who are willing to travel America has to have this evus visa because. In the year 2016 both, the countries have made an agreement based on reprisal programs that people who have valid. Ten years of visa and are the citizen of china or has a visitor visa with them. Therefore they need to have this visa with them if they want to travel to America.  

The questions asked by china officials to people traveling the united states of America 

New added to queries- as we all know that China and the U.S are one of the top countries around the globe in terms of power and goodwill. So they always want their citizens to be secure and happy. Therefore it was the reason why this agreement was made between both countries. And the new questions which china officials ask from the peoples are regarding their health and source of income. Although, as they collect the passport from them, they already have much information about them. But the face to face information which they collect improves the secure factor.

Social impact- the people who have ten years of valid passport of china, which is graded as B1 and B2 they must have an evus visa if they are willing to travel America. The questioner who takes the interview of people collects the passport of travelers for completing their operations. And with it, as nowadays everyone has a biometric passport and the chip which is in it makes sure that all the information is in safe hands and there will be no pressure of fraud in the process.

Protection agents- with the help of an evus visa, both the countries make sure that their country and people are safe and stay in a better place. So this is one of the main reasons why the protection agents of the border security force will collect information about you from social media, which seems to be very reliable and durable. However, if anyone has a problem that the officials are stalking their social media. They can send them the e-mail, and the officials are so trained and professional that they will co-operate with you very quickly.

The trump effect- as we all know that in the year 2016, the government of trump has taken over all the action and responsibly from the Obama government. That’s why this agreement was made from president trump with china so that the people of America can feel safe, and the people traveling to their country can do no disputes. With the help of this agreement, one can always make sure that they are more reliable and are in secure hands of the government.

Bottom line

All in all, to conclude this article, we have mainly focused on the questions and the situation which people have to face before getting an evus visa.


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