Visiting a city like Dubai can only turn out to be a memorable experience for both the new and regular visitors. Given the never ending range of activities at your beck and call with the astonishing atmosphere and amazing architectural accomplishments, the fun entertainment, and hospitality only start from there.

Click here to visit website for information needed for tourists to ensure every passing minute is well spent. There are guides to help you in exploring and discovering your favourite parts of the city landmarks and attractions you have so heard about; from the world’s talles edifice jn Burj Al- Khalifa to the Burj Al- Arab.


  1. Zabeel palace stop. (20 minutes)
  2. Jumeirah mosque outside stop. (15 minutes)
  3. Art gallery (20 minutes)
  4. Jumia beach and Burj Al- Arab hotel outside stop (20 minutes)
  5. The palace hotel drive through.
  6. Palm Jumeirah drive through.
  7. Palm Atlantis hotel outside stop. (20 minutes)
  8. Dubai marina view stop. (20 minutes)
  9. Mall of Emirates drive through.
  10. Burj Al Khalifa and Dubai mall drive through.


Exploring the city gets easier and faster with Desert Safari Tourism. The tour extends over to the Dubai museums which is closed to Al Fahidi where the colorful and cultural heritage of the region is brought to life before your eyes.

There will also be a stop to savour on the renowned Jumeirah Mosque. It is arguably the most sophisticated mosque in the world for it’s architectural innovations which was constructed in 1979.

Further down the road is the Jumeirah Open Beach and the world most luxurious hotel in the Burj Al Arab. There is also the Burj Al-Khalifa,  the tallest structure in the world can also be seen. The Palm Island isn’t forgotten as the Dubai City tour enables you to get a glimpse of the remarkable landmarks.

Down the Sheikh Zayed road, various skyscrapers and shopping malls are visible and digested to bring the memorable tour to a close. Brace yourself and family members for a great time. Dubai City Tour  is also designed for shopaholics, tourist, and honeymoon destination due to the numerous plazas, shiny beaches, beautiful sunset views, parks ad heritage.

Trained and experienced staff assistants are present to assist you on this tour, by giving you the necessary information you desire and to answer all your curious questions.


Enjoy the ride with friends and family members with pick up and drop off from home residences anywhere in the city. The cost is much lower with more members of the whole family

Group of 4 (AED 90)

Group of 6 (AED 80)

Group of 12 (AED 70)

Group of 30 (AED 60)


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