Choosing Your Mode of Transportation

Hope you are starting to see the light at the end of your holiday travel planning tunnel. Doesn’t it feel good to see some results without pulling your hair out? And to think that all came from one little report called “Quick Tips That Will Help You Stay Sane During Holiday Travel.”

Deciding on which type of transportation is best for you and your family can depend on many factors. The one that most prominently comes to mind however, is the length of the journey. While it can be simple enough to drive a few hours on your own, or switching with your spouse every once in awhile, it’s not always the same when the trip is one lasting several hours, or even a couple of days by car.

Choosing the train, for example eliminates the need for stopping for gas, washroom breaks, snacks and possibly even meals and sleeping arrangements. This will all depend on the length of the journey. If the option is available you could choose a cabin for your family, which would provide not only a bit more privacy, but also easier accessibility to a play area on the floor, or rest area for little ones.

Then there’s the option of air travel, which may be your only option in many cases. This too has its positive points, but there are also some negative aspects which may put a slight damper on things.

If you can manage to get a straight flight from your chosen airport to your destination, that’s one thing. It can become a whole different aspect all together however if you have to deal with connector flights and unhappy children. The positive aspects are definitely the lack of traffic to contend with, and the speed with which you can actually reach you destination.


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