Best Destinations For Private Yachting in 2021

Whether you love yachting or it is because of the scorching heat, you cannot deny that it is a fun sport to take part in. Cruising in your yacht through the pristine waters and calm seas can help you to relax you mind. You may think that you can sail your yacht in any water body you like. But, it is not that simple. There are a few things you have to keep in mind and only then you can ensure an overall safe experience.

So, here are some top destinations where you can visit for the best private yachting in 2021. Alternatively you can enjoy Southampton Boat Show hotel accommodation as well.

Croatian Islands – one of the best locations you can visit for private yachting is the Croatian Islands. It is well explored, has a charming and serene atmosphere throughout the year. There are urban towns where you can choose to accommodate. The two most popular places you can visit here are Hvar and Korcula. You can come across many exotic restaurants, old & ancient architecture that carries Gothic style elements. Chartered boats are allowed to sail through the waters here without any hassles. You can easily ride your yacht and relax at the middle of the sea for however long you want.

Greek Isles – Greece is a heaven for yacht lovers and you can definitely give the Greek Isles a visit. A private yacht around the islands will help you to get a fantastic view of the gorgeous landscapes and archaeological sites. You can visit the Paros which is a beautiful island that has a lot of marble reserves. Or you can check out the lesser known Antiparos. It is packed with lush forests and natural fauna. Click images of the Temple of Poseidon during the sunset and flex it on your Instagram. There are many routes you can choose to sail on, with each of them offering an unique experience.

The Caribbean – one of the most famous spots for yachting and boating activities, Caribbean islands can offer you a wonderful opportunity to make the most of your time. The cluster is comprised of 4 large and 50 small islands which are covered in beautiful green forests and virgin beaches. Hire a private yacht & you can start exploring them. St. Lucia, Mustique, Grenadines and Canouan are some of the most popular destinations in the Caribbean Islands. Enjoy your day watching the beautiful sunsets and sitting on to your favourite cocktails.

Southampton – finally, you can even visit the Southampton waters and enjoy the wonderful ambience of the place. The pristine waters and beautiful sea beaches here gives you the perfect getaway you were looking for. There are different kinds of boats and yachts that are available for rent. You can choose whichever you want to depending on your preferences. There is also an annual boat showy organized here and if you want to watch it, Southampton Boat Show hotel accommodation is necessary.

So, here are the top places where you can visit for private yachting in 2021.


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