3 Diving Spots in Egypt

Without Amusing activities, the trip can go waste that nobody wants, but don’t worry if you plane Egypt for your next vacation destination. They keep an extensive array of fun and entertainment places which will take your holidays to the next level. Egypt is a fantastic choice to visit and additionally get experience from the eye-catching art, history to amusing activities, food culture and a lot more under one roof. Not only that, but Egypt also holds some extraordinary spots for diving, allowing you to explore the underwater world.

Only seeing the sights of the world not underwater sounds unfair, but no worries just travel to Egypt’s diving spots to experience the memorable and unseen world of water. Diving also keeps so many benefits that will assist to improve your physical and mental health. The surprise is that this blog has listed the best diving spots in Egypt for your ease.     

1- Marsa Alam Diving Spots in Egypt

Marsa Alam is one of the amazing diving spots in Egypt that keeps Elphinstone reef, Daedalus reef, dolphin house reef and more to dive, making it a decent choice for water fanatics. This diving spot has a seaside town that is further off the compressed path for mutually Egyptians and foreigners similar, thus this is an exceptional place for relaxing, enjoying diving and other water sports. It is one of the finest diving spots for beginner divers as well. The famed dive sites of this diving spot have Elphinstone and Daedalus which are essential to see for the next progressive divers. This diving pot allows you to see everything such as hammerhead sharks, manta rays and more. This place is reachable for any day trips beginning Marsa Alam or liveaboards. The incredible part is that you can book your desirable hotels, hostels, resorts, homes, guest houses, villas, inns and more at down cost with Hotels.com promo code.

2- Sharm El Sheikh Ras Mohammed Egypt

When it comes to the best spots for diving in Egypt Sharm El Sheikh Ras Mohammed Egypt comes upper. This place is one of the ideal places and loveable for scuba dives. You can experience its Thistlegorm, Dunraven, Kingston, shark reef, Yolanda reef are suitable for advance dives spots. It has captivating view that anyone can see by just visiting this place. The dive sites of this place of Ras Um side can be an appropriate for beginners as they are easy mound while diving in a low bay.

3- Hurghada El Gouna

If you want to experience the underwater lifestyle then Hurghada/El Gouna is one of the excessive spots for diving. This place has giftun islands, Abu nuhas reef and wrecks, rosalie moller that you can dive as per your choice. It has various same diving sites including Hurghada which is nice for a slight harpooning village in Egypt. The fittest diving area for beginners in this place is El Gouna. It is really supreme for learner divers as maximum reefs are thin and effortlessly available nevertheless crowded with marine life similar to the Giftun Islands. It is a nice choice to visit while in Egypt.


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