Marketing Luxury Vacation Rental Accommodations for Antiquing Tours

Make Your Rental and The Listing Appeal to Antique Seekers

If your property is historic or architecturally significant, and has an interesting past, this is well worth a mention. If the property is furnished with antiques found locally, your guests will love it even more. When you list your luxury property to those who are antiquing, make sure that you include details about the property that potential guests will want to know ahead of time. Here are some more tips for a good listing:

– List the nearby antique markets and stores so guests will know what is available in your area. Zero in on each local dealer’s specialties such as furniture, objets d’art, or architectural findings. Also provide each dealer’s geographic focus for their stock (French, Early American, etc.)

– Make sure that you include plenty of great photos and showcase a high quality video of the home. Offer not only of your property (and the antiques in it), but also any of the major attractions and landmarks near your property. Make sure that yours is a property that is appealing to upscale clients who are taking antiquing tours in your area.

– Describe excellent lunch spots and dinner destinations where your antiquing guests can look forward to a relaxing meal during or after an intense day of antique hunting.

– Accommodate your serious collector guests by offering special services like interfacing with local sellers to set up private visits to their stores or collections. Have a ready list of highly recommended service providers such as local packers, movers and shippers who may aid your guests in transport of their acquisitions. For guests who may be coming from overseas, be well-prepared with contacts unique to shipping and properly documenting items going overseas.

Provide highly detailed local maps of all the stores and dealers in your area, so guests can get an early start without having to do too much research to find their way around the area.

Know Where to Advertise

Some of the world’s seemingly unglamorous destinations are highly appealing to the collector of certain antiques and vintage items. Don’t be afraid to customize your vacation rental listings to let these antique hunters know you are located where they need to be. It’s easy to attract these shoppers and collectors to your uniquely qualified rental when you target them with a well-described and photographed listing which appeals to the primary purpose of their stay in your area: antique hunting and/or flea marketing.


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