Exploring Nature’s Bounty in Coimbatore: Top 6 Nature Attractions

Coimbatore, also known as Kovai, is a beautiful hill city in the region of Tamil Nadu and it has a lot of things to offer when it comes to sightseeing. Not only is it an important business hub, but its culture, art and architecture make it an ideal tourist destination. There are numerous ancient Hindu temples, lush green parks and amazing sights to explore. Here is a list of some of the amazing places to visit in Coimbatore:

1. Kannimara Teak Tree

Kannimara Teak Tree is located in the Thiruvananthapuram district of Tamil Nadu and is the world’s oldest teak tree. It is estimated to be around 400 years old and is a living marvel of biodiversity and a testament to nature’s engineering. The trunk of the tree is an amazing 20 metres tall and has a circumference of about 15 metres. It is a popular tourist attraction for visitors to Coimbatore and gives its visitors an opportunity to explore nature at its best. The tree is well preserved by the forest department and is one of the few surviving specimens of teak in the country. It is also a major source of pollen which is beneficial for the local honey bee population.

2. Marudamalai Temple

Marudamalai Temple is renowned for its scenic surroundings and divine presence, making it one of the best places to visit in Coimbatore. It is home to Lord Muruga, and is said to have been constructed by the Cholas in the 12th century. The astounding and unique architecture of this ancient temple is what sets it apart. It is also one of the top 6 Aarupadai Veedu, meaning the six temples considered to be of utmost importance among Lord Muruga’s temples. There are idols of Lord Subramanya, Lord Vinayaga, Lord Siva and Goddess Periyanayaki Amman inside the temple complex.

The temple is located in a green landscape, surrounded by hills and is accessible from both Coimbatore and Tirupur. It is said that the place has been described in Skanda Purana, an ancient scripture related to Lord Muruga. Marudamalai Temple is also believed to possess miraculous powers, as many devotees flock to it for prayers. It is also one of the most important pilgrimage sites in the state of Tamil Nadu, and is visited by thousands of devotees from all over the world. On special occasions, several poojas and festivals are celebrated, attracting thousands of devotees.  Marudamalai Temple is definitely a must-visit destination in Coimbatore, and is sure to make your trip even more special and memorable.

3. Vellingiri Hills

Vellingiri Hills is one of the best places to visit in Coimbatore. Located at the Western Ghats in the foothills of the Nilgiris, the hill-station offers breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape, taking the breath away of even the most experienced traveller. Apart from exploring the hilly terrain, one can also enjoy a wide range of activities like trekking up the hills, rock-climbing, mountain-biking, and bird-watching. Moreover, Vellingiri Hills is also known for its serene atmosphere that makes it ideal for a much needed solitary escape from the hustle-and-bustle of modern life. With its lush green valleys and picturesque gorges, the Vellingiri Hills are one of the most majestic places to be in Coimbatore.

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4. Vydehi Waterfall

Vydehi Waterfall is one of Coimbatore’s most popular tourist attractions, and for good reason. The sparkling waters of the Pambar River gushing over the 100-foot-tall waterfall provide a stunning visual experience. Its spread across an enormous scenic backdrop, and its inviting waters draw locals and tourists alike to dip right into it.

The drive to Vydehi Waterfall is nothing short of a leisurely adventure. The roads winding through lush green locales and the occasional village before revealing the grandeur of the waterfall make it one of the best places to visit in Coimbatore.

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5. Indira Gandhi Wildlife Sanctuary

Indira Gandhi Wildlife Sanctuary, located in Anamalai, is one of the most stunning sites to visit in Coimbatore, India. This sanctuary stretches over an area of 958 sq. km, and is a paradise for nature lovers. The sanctuary is known for its amazing biodiversity, with a wide range of vegetation, from Shola forests to grasslands. It is home to a variety of animals, such as the leopard, sambar, elephant, gaur, and Indian Sloth Bear, among many others. Birdwatchers will also love to visit this place as it is a home to a wide range of species, from the Great Hornbill to a variety of woodpeckers.

Apart from the vast wildlife, you can also enjoy different activities within the sanctuary. Trekking, safaris, rock climbing, and camping are available for the adventurous souls. Moreover, the sanctuary also houses a museum and an interpretation centre. You can learn a lot about the wildlife of the sanctuary by exploring these centres.

All in all, with its abundant nature, diverse wildlife, and plenty of activities, the Indira Gandhi Wildlife Sanctuary is surely one of the best places to visit in Coimbatore. It will surely leave you with a lifetime of memories.

6. Broga Hill

Broga Hill is located about 7 km from Coimbatore and is the highest peak in the Palakkad District. It is famous for its scenic beauty, sunrise and sunsets, and trekking destinations. Moreover, it provides brilliant views of the Western Ghats and Palghat Gap. It is especially spectacular during the rains and the chilly winter months. It is one of the best places to visit in Coimbatore and is a popular spot for trekkers. It is also home to some natural springs including the sacred Agaya Gangai falls. Trekkers and nature lovers can also spot some exotic flora and fauna while trekking in this picturesque landscape.

Apart from its beautiful view, Broga Hill is a great place to camp and explore more of nature. It is an excellent place to join in on other groups’ expeditions too. People who are more adventurous and daring can take night treks and camping trips around the hills.  All in all, it is an ideal spot for those who are looking for some outdoor adventure.


These are some of the best places to visit in Coimbatore that should definitely be included in your travel itinerary.The city of Coimbatore is brimming with wonderful places that are definitely worth exploring for those who want to spend your time relaxing, exploring the outdoors, or taking in some history, there is something for everyone in Coimbatore. You will also find many temples, historical monuments, wildlife sanctuaries, and public parks, Coimbatore is sure to be a destination you will never forget.


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