Evangelical Tours of Israel – Visit the holy land of Jesus

Visiting Israel can be the most spiritually unique event in the life of any Christian. The GS Travel offers Evangelical tour through the holy land for the people who truly wants to experience the biblical journey. Israel is the country where Jesus was born, raised, and walked on the shores of Sea.

For more personalized travel experience, GS Travel has private family tours designed according to the needs of each family. Even if you are traveling solo to the country, GS Travel has the perfect team even for the first-time visitor. The regular tour includes the famous biblical places such as the Sea where Jesus walked on the water, the mountains where Jesus gave his last sermon or the cave where he was born.

Having so many places and historical sites can sometimes confuse tourists, especially if you have never been to the country before. But you can’t go wrong with the city of Jerusalem. It is one of the holiest cities in the region. You can discover the diverse landscape at Mt. of Olives, Kidron Valley, Garden Tomb, Mount of Olives, and many other holy sites to visit. The top site at the Mount of Olives has a wonderful panoramic view of the whole city with the Temple Mount. In Jerusalem, you can go and visit the Garden of Gethsemane, the site where Jesus was deceived and arrested as per the Holy Bible.

Further, you go towards the old city of Jerusalem, you will see the Church of St. Anne, the Pool of Bethesda. You can refresh your faith by walking through the Via Dolorosa where Jesus walked a 50-meter long trail.  Just beside the Jewish Quarter, there is an exciting bazaar called Cardo which is one of the most visited places in Israel.

If you are more into beaches, you are going to love being here. There is also a sea in Israel where no one can swim or sink due to its high concentration of the salt. It is known as the Dead Sea. It is also the world’s lowest point. The beach is open for families throughout the year and is completely free. The oasis of EinGedi is the site along the shores of the Dead Sea where David hid from King Saul.

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